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Thai Foot Massage

Dating back thousands of years, foot massage has served as a therapeutic tool for cultures all over the world. It is deeply relaxing and benefits the entire body…not just the feet. Ancient theory maintains that areas of the foot correspond to every area of the body and that by stimulating certain “reflex” points we can assist the body back into its natural state of balance.  Thai foot massage is the “ultimate” in relaxation.  This is what a treatment is like…
  • performed in a comfortable reclining chair while fully clothed
  • feet are first “warmed up” with soothing massage techniques
  • a smooth wooden stick is used to stimulate 36 reflex points on the feet, in order to bring the whole body into balance
  • treatment is completed with a leg, arm, hand, neck, and shoulder massage using Thai massage techniques

Massage Treatments/Rate

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